Undyne is a Icthy-like (or fish-like, whatever works) who works as the Captain of the Royal Guard. Trained by Asgore, she leads the Royal Guard in protecting the citizens of the Underground.

Appearance Edit

Undyne normally appears as a fish creature with silver armor. Her shoulder plates are golden along with the helmet's bottom half. Without her armor, she wears dark blue jeans with a silver tank top; with her base eye color being yellow. Undyne's pupils are black at default, however. She has a red ponytail and two fins on the side of her head, both red and blue.

Her scales her blue as well.

Undying Edit

As the Undying, Undyne has black, purple, and golden armor. Her armor becomes layered and more spiked, with purple armor surrounding the waist, black being the majority, and golden being the heart on her chest and gloves, along with her usual shoulder plates. Her left eye flashes a red and purple spear, while the hand-held spear glows a deep blue/cyan. The tips on her shoes are gold-tipped. Her pupils and eye color also swap colors.

Personality Edit

Undyne is extremely passionate with whatever it is she is doing. She acts very quickly on her own ideas and beliefs; and though she finds the goal of escaping the Underground a priority to the Monsters, she still plays fair with possible threats. She is extremely happy to mentor others in a variety of skills as well; as she is talented in combat and music.

Abilities Edit

  • Undyne can turn the SOUL of any monster or human green; giving them a controllable spear to be used as a shield.
  • She can summon EXTREME amounts of spears that vary in size, length, damage, and other variables. (Don't even.)

Relationships Edit

Alphys Edit

Undyne and Alphys are close love interests that have a close compassion. Undyne loves Alphys deeply and cares so much about her that'd she block a hit, as for anyone else she'd want to protect, for her. Even if it meant death in the process.

Papyrus Edit

Being Papyrus' trainer, Undyne has a low tolerance for Papyrus when it comes to wanting to train. However, he enjoys how determined and ambitious he is with being a Royal Guard member; eventually allowing him in the Guard and becoming a fully-fledged member.

Asgore Edit

Undyne is Asgore's trainee and fellow advisor on what to do in situations that could've involve combat. The two are close friends due to their relations in the Human/Monster War.

Royal Guard Edit

As the captain of the Royal Guard, Undyne commands the forces that protects the Monsters from assumed threats. She is not entirely rude or aggressive as a commander, however will order until a command is done, unless proven that the order is unlawful or not morally correct.